Friday, June 1, 2007

1 month is enough!

OK its time for me to return to my duties as a blogger. A lot has happened in the past month, we played our tournament down in Florida, did quite well, we won a tough knockout and survived with an overall in the swiss after losing the first 2 matches. From there I went to Vegas and played the Cavendish teams and pairs with John Kranyak. John was an absolute pleasure to play with, I have never played with such a nice partner before. We meshed really well and grinded our way to 6th place which had we owned ourselves would have paid $70000, maybe next year we will be able to afford it :) I have a ton of hands from the Cavendish, including 3 occasions where we bid a grand slam, had our opponents sacrifice and then we bid 7NT making. Right now I am commentating on the Canadian National Team Championships Finals. Even though I have stopped playing for Canada, this event will always be important to me, as this is where it all started for my bridge career. Winning this is still one of my greatest bridge achievements and I will always remember the incredible feeling it felt to know I was going to play in the Bermuda Bowl, with my brother Darren as my teammate. One of the high points in my life. Since the Cavendish, I went to Quebec City which was beautiful and it caught me by surprise, I had no idea that it was such a great city. Anyone looking to have a nice vacation I highly suggest it as a destination. I played two pair games with Beverly Perry, we came 4th and 5th overall, and then each headed to our respective home towns. This past week has been spent relaxing at home, watching old episodes of TV and spending time with my family. Maybe you wont have to wait another month before my next blog :)


MesSer said...

Didn't know you were writing this stuff. Put a bookmark on it for further reading and not forgetting about this site.

About what it would be fun reading about. Well the usual, your life, what's happening in bridge etc.

If you were wondering about what in bridge I'd actually feel amused by good defenses. Especially if it explained WHY that specific conclusion were made.

Have fun mate
/Daniel "MesSer"

boske said...
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boske said...

Nice blog. Keep workig on it and give us some deals you talking about. Best regards from Serbia.

Noble Shore said...

I went to Quebec City at the end of high school and found it quite nice too. I had just finished 6 years of French so I could actually talk to people...though I couldn't understand the radio, TV, or other peoples' conversations.

Rigour6 said...

Great to see you back at it.