Sunday, April 22, 2007

Short drive down the coast

After a week at my family's place... its time to make the move down towards the Ft. Lauderdale regional. We don't start playing until Friday, however we have taken advantage of my Uncle and Aunts hospitality for a week already. So tomorrow afternoon we are going down to my partner Warren's house right in center of Palm Beach... Jenny, Warren and I are going to play a cut-around bridge game with David and Lisa Berkowitz. I will try to post some hands (I know I keep saying that) After that Warren heads back to New York to work until the weekend when he comes back to play the regional. He is very generously letting Jenny and me use his house down here for the next 4 days until he returns. I am anxious to see what Palm beach is like. Jenny and I are seriously considering buying a place down here in Florida as soon as we clear up immigration... We both like hot weather, this is really perfect (I imagine that a few days in August I wont be saying that)

I am doing my best to answer all the questions you have to all my posts... I would really like input on the blog, tell me what you like to read about, what is boring... every bit of criticism will help me make this blog more interesting.

On another good note, I had another monstrous day at poker, bringing my total for the week to +6000... a good weeks work!


tenbrvc said...

Hi Gavin,

This is a great blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your travels. So far I particularly like seeing the descriptions of conventions you play. I would like to see some expert defensive conventions in use today, since I don't play much tournament bridge anymore. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best in the future!

Glen Ashton said...

The blog has good pacing - nice mix of bridge, poker (yes, don't fold that), life. Pixs are cool too. If you do well in a tourney give us the success factors as you see them, and if not a good tourney (you folded AA, oh, wait, this is about bridge) tell us what to watch out for (stiff king offside). If you like the heat, plus the poker, and low taxes, that spells Vegas (or nearby), not Florida.

Gavin Wolpert said...

Vegas would be an option, but my whole family is east coast (Toronto/Florida) and Jennys is in Sweden, so wed rather not add another few hours on to the trip home... plus i cant stand having chapped lips :)

spadedeuce said...

Hey Gavin,
Just saw the documentary. Very interesting.
I think it was great you being so honest about your mistakes. They never really focussed on your strengths (i am sure they asked the question but edited out the answer just to have dramatic effect).Sometimes, it felt like you were me, talking about my partnership with Tony !!

Wolpert said...

Stop being a bum and post more and it would be nice with some bridgehands!
/the wife

Gerald said...

How about some stuff on the Cavendish?